1 Place You Should Visit In California Gold Country

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If you’re not familiar with the state, or with what’s referred to as California Gold Country, you may have no idea where it’s located.  I didn’t either, until one of our kids announced that they were moving there.

California Gold Country is sort of bumped up along the Western side of the Sierra Nevada Range on the Eastern side of the state of California.  This is where you’ll find the Sierra foothills that make up the California Gold Country area.

Did You Know This About California Gold Country?

That the California gold rush began in 1848 and started the largest mass migration of people in U.S. history with 300,000+ heading out to California from the rest of the U.S. and abroad?

You’re Moving To Where?

So as I mentioned, I didn’t know a thing about California Gold Country until one of our kids announced a number of years back that they were moving to a town called Nevada City.

“Huh? You’re moving where?”  LOL, I think that was our response.

Little did we know…Nevada City is definitely one of California Gold Country’s prettiest towns and one that you should be sure to visit if you’re in the area.  Nevada City features a well preserved historic town center full of Victorian-era  homes and historic buildings among tree-lined streets and surrounded by pine-forested hills.

There are lots of great activities in and around Nevada City to keep you busy while you’re here.  Between all of the historic sites and the great outdoors, there is something for everyone.  One of my favorite “go to” places here is the Empire Mine for a little gold rush history.  The Empire Mine is now a state historic park and is the site of one of the oldest, largest, deepest, longest and richest gold mines in California.  Before I visited the Empire Mine for the first time I really didn’t think I had any interest whatsoever in the subject of the California gold rush, but once I got there I became fascinated with all that I learned.  I highly recommend visiting.

I also recommend just walking around town on a self-guided walking tour.  You can download a Nevada City Walking Tour here.

Nevada City Walking Tour

Of course, Nevada City’s location makes it perfect for day trips to the Lake Tahoe area and all it’s wonders.  But that definitely deserves it’s own post!

If you’re into hiking, Nevada City is the place to be.  After all, it’s backyard is the Tahoe National Forest.  With over 600 miles of accessible trails, you’ll never have to hike the same trail twice.  Check out all of these hiking options!

All in all, Nevada City came as a huge and pleasant surprise to me!  A most worthwhile place to visit.

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