3 Unique Tips To Turn Your Old Stuff Into Extra Holiday Cash

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3 Unique Tips To Turn Your Old Stuff Into Extra Holiday Cash

Extra Holiday Cash

Yep, it's something that everyone loves, right?

Why not grab some extra holiday cash yourself by letting go of stuff you're not using any more?  It's an easy way to accomplish 2 things at once and believe me, getting rid of that old stuff feels great!

Here are 3 ideas for making it happen.

1.  Resale Shop

Consign some stuff to a resale shop in your area.  I think there are resale shops just about everywhere.  Sometimes they are referred to as thrift shops also.  And there are resale/thrift shops that specialize in different things.  Some specialize in clothing, some in home furnishings.  

Here's an image from one of my local home furnishing resale shops.  I've consigned lots of furniture to this place and it always sells quickly and for a good price!  They even have this Facebook page where they post pics of different things they have for sale every day.  

So, if you've got things stuffed in your basement that you're no longer using, look for a resale shop and turn it into some extra holiday cash.

resale shop

2.  Local Buy/Sell Groups

This is another idea I love and one that I've also sold stuff with.  There are lots of buy/sell groups online now.  I've used a Facebook group one for my local area.  People post things they are either selling or looking for.  Because it's a "local" group everyone lives in the area so it's easy to make swaps of merchandise in person with just a little planning.  

Here's a screenshot of the one I use in my area.  I think you could find one of these for your area no matter where you are located.  Try the search term I've shown below to find buy/sell groups in your area.

Another great way to get some extra holiday cash!

local buy/sell groups
local buy/sell groups

3.  Decluttr

Decluttr?  I bet you think I misspelled that word, huh? 

No, I didn't!  I'm talking about this site:  Decluttr

A great way to get rid of things like tech items like phones, or CDs, DVDs, games and game consoles.  You can either sell or purchase these types of items on this site.

Check out my post Home Decluttering Tips - How I Made $142 In 10 Minutes By Decluttring!


So, that makes 3 different ways that you could potentially get some extra holiday cash this year.

Have you used any other ways to do so?  If so, leave me a comment and let me know your favorite way of turning old stuff into $ for the holidays!

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