About Still En Route

Problem-free travel starts here!

Let’s face it – the world of travel is complicated. You can navigate any travel situation more easily and more efficiently with a little expert help.

Still En Route gives you practical travel tips, travel how-to’s, destination info, travel gear suggestions and reviews, and answers your most pressing travel questions so you can get “en route.”

We also inspire baby boomers to get out of their comfort zone and pack more “life” into their lifestyle by experiencing more of what the world has to offer. What you’ll find here are travel-related tips and information to help you get moving on your own journey, even if you’re a baby boomer like me!

Not familiar with the term “en route“? It’s prounounced like “on root” and it means “on the way”.

Hi, my name is Mary Emmer, and I’m still en route!

Mary Emmer
Mary Emmer

Just because you get older doesn’t mean you should stop exploring. Exploring the world or exploring your potential as a person. Life is a journey forever. Every day that we’re here on earth we’re en route or “one the way” to somewhere or something. And when we’re no longer on earth I suppose we’ll be en route to somewhere or something else.

Why Still En Route?

At some point, I realized that so many people don’t ever try anything new. They don’t make an effort to learn and stretch themselves…especially once they reach a certain age.

They simply don’t have enough life packed into their lifestyle!

That’s why I started Still En Route. My goal here is to inspire and encourage you to pack more life into your lifestyle, even if you’re a baby boomer like me.

Retirement? What’s that?

I can’t imagine staying put in one place during the “golden years.” So I want to inspire you to get a move on yourself, either by traveling, by becoming an online entrepreneur like I have, or by just embracing and experiencing as much life as you can possibly fit into your lifestyle.

Age is no barrier. It’s just an excuse!

What will and won’t you find here?

What You Won’t Find Here

Well, I’m not 29 any longer! Shocking, I know 🙂 There are many great travel and lifestyle bloggers out there who I respect and get inspiration from, but many of them are youngsters LOL! That’s not me, folks. I won’t be writing about the same things as they are. My mission is to inspire my fellow baby boomers and let’s face it…..we may not like the same stuff that younger travelers like.

And because I’m not 29 any longer…I don’t write about things like hostels because I don’t do hostels. And I try not to schlep my luggage on the subway either.

In other words, although I love to save money and I appreciate a great value, I also like my comforts!

About Still En Route

What You Will Find Here

Things like travel tips and helpful travel information based on my own personal experiences and a lifelong career in the travel industry. And if you want a longer adventure than just a short vacation, you’ll find my best tips on how to plan month-long (or longer) stays in some very cool places.

If you’re an older traveler, no worries! I’ve got you covered. Some of my travel content has a baby boomer twist!

You’ll find all my favorites here, from my favorite online booking resources to my favorite travel clothes, shoes and accessories for us older travelers!

Also, information and reviews on products and services that would be useful while traveling. Along with how-to’s, packing lists, destination information, suggested itineraries and more.

I’ve got a ton of stuff to share with you. Although my blog is somewhat new, I’ve been collecting information and resources, and learning and experiencing travel in my business since 1984. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for yet…please be patient. You’ll see it here soon.

Inspiration and Humor

And you’ll find a giant dose of inspiration and humor.

Inspiration for anyone who needs it, and humor because taking life too seriously is a mistake.

Believe me when I say that anything can and will happen when you travel. And when “anything” does happen, laughter is the best medicine!

Join Me In Real-Time

When I’m traveling, you can join me in real-time as I share my travel experiences with you as they happen. The good experiences, the bad ones, and also the downright ridiculous, like what happened on the riverboat shown below.

priceless travel experience
Mary Emmer
Mary Emmer, on board Uniworld’s
S.S. Catherine in France

In short, what you’ll find here is travel, inspiration & humor from a slightly geeky baby boomer.

My favorite travel quote still says it all.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

~Saint Augustine

So Who Am I?

If you’re curious to know a bit more about me, here’s a quick snapshot….

Baby Boomer – Yes, I am!

Self-Employed Entrepreneur – I’ve been self-employed in the travel industry since 1984, serving corporate and leisure travelers, individuals and groups, on both domestic and international itineraries.

Traveler – Well, I love to travel. And having spent a lifetime working inside the travel industry has only fueled my desire for more and more travel.

Blogger & Geek – Still En Route is not my only blog. I have several others. And because I know how to tinker with the scary back-end part of the blog, I’m afraid that put’s me in the “slightly geeky” category.

So technically this makes my title: Entrepreneurial baby boomer and geeky travel agent who loves to blog and was determined to find a way to work from anywhere with wifi because I cannot and will not stop traveling! Whew. That’s a mouthful!

Are You Ready For Some New Experiences?

As I became older, I realized that some people in my generation never really make an effort to experience other places and things.

In terms of travel, they don’t make an effort to experience the world beyond either their own hometown or beyond the few weeks of vacation they get every year.

In terms of life, they don’t make an effort to stretch themselves beyond where ever their current circumstances have left them.

For some, it’s just a lack of interest. But for others, it’s a sense of fear or uncertainty, or simply an attitude of “That sounds great but I would never be able to do that”.

But just because you get older doesn’t mean you should stop exploring, learning and growing as a person. And if you haven’t started yet, there’s no better time to do that than right now.

I can’t imagine not seeing the world that’s out there or not experiencing new things in life.

How about you?

Mary Emmer
Mary Emmer, in the middle of a vineyard high above the Rhone River in France.

My mission here at Still En Route is simple – it’s to educate, encourage and teach.

Educate you on how to fit more life, adventure and travel into your lifestyle.

Encourage you to go for it.

Teach you how simple it can be once you have the proper “can do” mindset.

Because, remember? Age is no barrier. It’s just an excuse!

I hope that I inspire you to get out on your own journey of exploring, learning and experiencing the world. Enjoy the ride.

Travel safe, travel often!