Day 10 Blogging Course: Congratulations! You’re A Level 1 Graduate

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Welcome to Day 10 of How (and Why) To Start A Profitable Blog E-Course, even if you’re a baby boomer like me!

If you missed anything in Day 9, you can access Day 9 again here.

Level 1 – Done!

Yesterday was a big day in terms of this course and you should have completed Lessons 7, 8, & 9 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course along with all the tasks.  If you took some extra time to get all that work done…it’s OK!  The important thing is that you completed it.  If you didn’t yet complete any of those tasks, just go back and finish them up now before you continue on here today.

Today is a celebration of sorts, because of all that you have accomplished so far.

If you’ve lost track of everything that you have accomplished in the last few days just head right on over to Lesson 10 and you’ll see a recap.  I think you’ll be amazed at everything that you’ve learned and accomplished so far.

And it’s only the beginning.

Your blog and online business is really going to start to take shape in the coming months.  Imagine where you’ll be a year from now!

So go ahead and proceed over to Lesson 10 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course and see what’s waiting for you over there.

Day 10 Action Steps

1.  Complete Lesson 10 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course and complete all the tasks there.

Day 10 Conclusion

That’s it for Day 10 of How (and Why) To Start A Profitable Blog E-Course, even if you’re a baby boomer like me!

You’ve successfully completed Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course inside Wealthy Affiliate, and if you’ve completed all the action steps throughout the course you actually have a blog live online right now.  That’s a huge accomplishment and you should feel proud of yourself!

Now, however, is not the time to stop.

You should continue on to Level 2 of the Certification course because there is so much more important stuff for you to learn if you want your blog and online business to become a successful money generating business.

If you haven’t yet upgraded to Premium, you should do that now so that you can unlock ALL of the training that’s offered inside Wealthy Affiliate.

You can grab Premium here if you haven’t already done so.

I hope you found value in my mini E-Course here as well as the amazing training inside Wealthy Affiliate.  And I also hope that you have found a home at Wealthy Affiliate for a long time to come.  I promise you that the value inside the outstanding Wealthy Affiliate platform will just keep getting bigger and better as time goes on.

Remember, can also use the Live Chat feature inside Wealthy Affiliate if you have any questions.  I’ll see you inside there!