Day 2 Blogging Course: Why Blog?

How and Why To Start A Profitable Blog Ecourse Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of How (and Why) To Start A Profitable Blog E-Course, even if you’re a baby boomer like me!

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Why A Blog?

There are many different reasons why people blog and your specific reason really depends on you, your current situation and exactly what it was that prompted you to sign up for this course.

Are you a baby boomer like me?  If so, maybe you’re looking for a way to start some sort of online business and generate some extra income.  Or perhaps you have just retired from the day job or career and are looking for something to fill the time. Or maybe you have a hobby you want to talk about on a blog.

There’s no right or wrong answer here.  Different people have different motivations for getting interested in blogging and/or online businesses.  And your reason is most certainly exactly right for you. But since you signed up for this course titled How (& Why) To Start A Profitable Blog, I’m going to assume that you do in fact want to generate some money with your blog.  Bottom line – A blog that earns money is an online business.  So I will be using both of these terms (Blog & Online business) in this E-Course.

7 Great Reasons To Have A Blog

In general, here are some reasons that people start blogs.  These are very general categories and there can certainly be multiple categories within each of these categories that I’ve listed below.

  • Personal Hobby
  • For an Existing Business
  • To Build a New Business
  • To generate online income
  • To Share Family stuff
  •  To Share personal travel
  • To Share A Personal Journey of some sort

A Blog Is A Powerful Business Tool

My favorite reasons for blogging almost always have something to do with business.  Why?  Because a blog is a super powerful business tool that is out there working for you (and your business) 24/7 and 365 days per year.  Think about this – once you have a piece of content on your blog out on the internet, that piece of content can be found by anyone, anywhere, in any country, in any time zone, at any time for as long as your blog exists…even if that is years! That is simply the kind of leverage that a small business cannot get in any other way.

So there are really many reasons that people start blogs.   It really all depends on what your real motivation is behind the action of actually starting one.  You need to take some time and decide what your why is.  Is it one of the things I mentioned above?

Blogging can provide so many benefits.  I personally love to travel, so it’s great to be able to generate some online income from something that I can do anywhere and anytime.   And on top of all the other benefits of blogging, there is also just the personal fulfillment of learning a new skill.

And once you learn the skill-set required to set up and maintain a blog, there can be some added benefits as well for anyone that wants to take advantage of the opportunities that are available.  These include other online opportunities such as copywriting, proofreading, ghostwriting, blog design and much, much more.  One skill-set will lead to another so there’s really alot that can be accomplished once you learn a few basic skills.

Day 2 Conclusion

That’s it for Day 2 of How (and Why) To Start A Profitable Blog E-Course, even if you’re a baby boomer like me!

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