Day 7 Blogging Course: Customizing Your Site

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Welcome to Day 7 of How (and Why) To Start A Profitable Blog E-Course, even if you’re a baby boomer like me!

If you missed anything in Day 6, you can access Day 6 again here.

Customizing Your Site

Yesterday you completed Lessons 3 & 4, chose your niche and also actually created your site! Well done 🙂

If for any reason you haven’t completed those things yet, then you need to go back to Day 6 and complete all the action steps there before continuing on here.

The next step you will be taking is to customize your site a bit so that it looks the way you want it to look and has some important things included on it…..things that Google will be looking for when it’s trying to rank your site.  This is super important because you need Google to “smile favorably” on your site so that it ranks your site well and your visitors can find it online.

So today you will be returning to the Online Entrepreneur Certification course to complete Lesson 5 which is all about Setting Up Your Website the right way.

At this point, you should already have your website created and chosen a design which is called a “theme” inside WordPress.

Success Tip

There are literally thousands of different themes available for your WordPress blog.  Don’t waste time when you get to the point where you have to choose a theme.  You could waste valuable hours looking through all the different themes and I recommend that you don’t do that.  Just choose one and move on.  You can change your theme easily at any time, so you can always do that later.

Go ahead and work your way through Lesson 5 now and complete all the tasks for that Lesson.

In this lesson you’ll be doing things like activating Plugins and deleting some temporary Pages and Posts.  Don’t worry, the lesson will walk you through it all if you’re not familiar with these terms.

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Think of this training as the foundation that will support your business.

In addition to the training, the Premium membership includes tons of additional tools, resources and perks that you don’t get in the free starter account.  Remember earlier on in this E-Course when I mentioned the term 1 Stop Shop?  The Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate is exactly that – a 1 Stop Stop including everything you need to get your business going and maintain it for years to come.

At the end of Lesson 5 you’ll see an option to upgrade to Premium, or you can do it here.

FYI, I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur since 1984, and I recognized the value of the Premium membership the day I first learned about Wealthy Affiliate so I upgraded immediately.

I recommend that you do the same now unless you’re not really serious about generating any income with your blog.

Day 7 Action Steps

1.  Complete Lesson 5 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course and complete all the action steps there.

2. Upgrade to Premium if you haven’t already done so.  You can do it here.

Day 7 Conclusion

That’s it for Day 7 of How (and Why) To Start A Profitable Blog E-Course, even if you’re a baby boomer like me!

You’ll be receiving an email with a link to Day 8 of this course, but if you’re the kind of person that just wants to get it done, you can access Day 8 here now.  But if you’re working ahead on your own, be sure and complete ALL the action steps both in my E-Course and inside the Online Entrepreneur Certification course before you move to the next level.