Day 9 Blogging Course: Time To Write! Content, Menus & Keywords

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Welcome to Day 9 of How (and Why) To Start A Profitable Blog E-Course, even if you’re a baby boomer like me!

If you missed anything in Day 8, you can access Day 8 again here.

This Is Where It All Comes Together

Yesterday you learned how to get your site ready for the search engines and you should have completed Lesson 6 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course along with all the tasks there.  If you haven’t completed that yet, you should go back and finish it up now.

This if very much a building process, and if you miss any of the steps along the way, your site will lack the strong foundation that it needs to be successful later on.

Today is a big day because this is where it all comes together.

You’ll be creating some initial content for your site, adding some menus to your blog so that visually it starts to take shape and learning about the importance of keywords.

So time to get moving!

Proceed now to Lessons 7, 8 & 9 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

These lessons are titled:

  • Creating Your Initial Website Content
  • Creating Custom Menus For Your Website
  • Understanding Keywords, the Start of Your Content

Be sure and do them in order and complete all the tasks there.

Success Tip

3 big lessons today?  By now you might be thinking that this is alot of work. Guess what?  You’re right!  That’s why this work can produce real, legitimate, income generating online businesses over and over again.  It’s a proven formula!  The key to success here is Time, Effort, Consistence and Persistence. 

Day 9 Action Steps

1.  Complete​ Lessons 7, 8, & 9 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course including all the tasks that are given there.

2.  Upgrade to Premium if you haven’t already done so.  You can do it here.  By now you will only have about 1 more day to grab your bonus Premium membership discount of only $19 for your first month of premium.  You need to grab it within the first 7 days of your Wealthy Affiliate starter membership.  This is a great deal and an an opportunity to see what the Premium benefits can do for you.  You can also get a great deal with an annual membership.  I’m an annual member and I love that I have a huge savings by grabbing my membership on an annual basis.

Have questions or need help?

Remember, you can always send me a Private Message inside Wealthy Affiliate if you have a question, or, if you need an instant answer you can also use the Live Chat.  

I love the Live Chat feature because there is always someone to help me if I need something!

Day 9 Conclusion

That’s it for Day 9 of How (and Why) To Start A Profitable Blog E-Course, even if you’re a baby boomer like me!

You’ll be receiving an email with a link to Day 10 of this course, but if you’re the kind of person that just wants to get it done, you can​ access Day 10 here now.

Day 10 is the final day of my E-Course and it’s also going to be the day that you complete Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.  This is a huge accomplishment!