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What Is Decluttr?

Hey, I have some home decluttering tips for you today.  But first, what is Decluttr?  I think I KNOW what you're thinking right now!  You're probably thinking I have a typo there with the word Decluttr.  You're thinking it should have been declutter, right?


Decluttr is a new find for me.  Not sure exactly how long it's been around, but I found it a few months ago.

So back to my home decluttering tips.  Decluttering sounds like such a boring task, and it usually is.  Until you find a way to get cash for your decluttered items.

Which is exactly what Decluttr offers you.

Decluttr is a website that allows you to sell certain types of items you no longer use. You can sell items like CD's, Books, Games, Phones and other tech type items.  You can purchase these types of items there as well.  Here is what the site looks like.


How I Made $142 In 10 Minutes With Decluttr

I can tell you that everything works pretty well with Decluttr.  

In my household, it was recently time for one of us to upgrade our smartphone.  So onto Decluttr I went with our "no longer used" Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone.  

The process of listing the item for sale on Decluttr was simple and fast, and before we knew it, we had sold the phone for $142.  Not bad for something that might otherwise have sat in a drawer collecting dust for who knows how long!

The payment of $142 was paid to us via Paypal.  Easy and very efficient.


A Few Benefits Of Using Decluttr To Sell Items

  • 1
    They claim to pay the most for tech items
  • 2
    No auction fees like some other sites

There are more advantages for using Decluttr to sell stuff, and many advantages for buying items there as well.  You can check Decluttr out here.

I even featured Decluttr in my post 3 Unique Tips To Turn Your Old Stuff Into Extra Holiday Cash in case you want to check that you.

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