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For the past few years, our extended 3 month winter stay in Europe has been mainly in Southern/Eastern Spain.  So I thought it was time to publish my Spain travel packing list for women.

Although my packing list has certainly changed over the years, I’ve settled into a list that stays pretty consistent now.  Needless to say, the first time I traveled out of the country for a month (Mexico), I had the strange idea that I had to bring 100% of everything I would use up while I was gone.  Well I now realize that was silly and have amended my packing behavior!

Spain Travel Packing List For Women

Here’s my current travel packing list for women for 3 Months in Southern Spain.  This pretty much works for anywhere in Southern or Eastern Spain.  The first time we spent an extended stay in Spain was in Granada, which requires a slightly different packing list (more on that later).  Although you could make it in Granada with this stuff, there are plenty of items on here that you would not need.  So we’ll talk about Granada and other parts of Spain in winter another time.

Since I generally stay from late January to late April, I really experience both winter and spring.  During that time depending on exactly where I am, the temperatures can range from a high of 57-64 degrees Fahrenheit (14-18 C) to a low of 36-45 degrees Fahrenheit (2-7 C).  And again depending on exactly where I am, the sun may be shining every day or there could be some rain thrown into the mix.  And also added to the mix is the fact that we try and travel around to different places on weekends.  Those places could be a few hours by train or driving,  or a few hours flight.  We never really know in advance.  In other words….just about anything could happen in terms of climate.  Keep in mind that I don’t like to be cold.  So I probably over compensate with more warm stuff than other people might.  So my goal is to have a little of everything so I can be reasonably comfortable regardless of the weather.

So this is what I’ve settled in on for the past few years.  Every year the list gets shorter as I figure out what I don’t really need.  My 2018 travel packing list for women is already shorter than this one but I’ll share that a little bit later.

My Spain Travel Packing List For Women – What’s ON It

travel packing list for women

Jackets & Outerwear

  • Packable knee length down coat
  • Short Primaloft jacket
  • Knee length unlined waterproof rain coat
  • Active wear full-zip light fleece or nylon jacket (Optional)
  • Gloves/Hat/Scarf (just in case!)  You could forget this and buy there if you need it.  Scarves are a fashion item for me so I usually travel with several.


  • 4 pants (1 lightweight jeans/1 dark gray skinny jeans/1 khaki/1 heavier jeans)
  • 8 tops (3 short sleeve Quick-dry active wear tops/4 long sleeve active wear tops/1 white cotton tank or t-shirt)
  • 1 black stretchy cardigan sweater (Optional)
  • 1 pair long yoga style pants
  • 1 pair leggings
  • 3 active wear style pullover/hoodie/zip-up style tops to layer over stuff (1 Optional)
  • 1 pair cargo shorts
  • 1 sleepshirt
  • Light robe (Optional)
  • Undies – 7 Pair
  • Bras – 2
  • 8 Pairs of socks (2 warm/2 lite/4 athletic type
  • A few different fashion scarves (Optional)


  • 1 pair athletic shoes
  • 1 pair comfortable walking sandals
  • 1 pair heavier hiking type shoe with rugged sole (and weather resistant)
  • 1 pair light & comfortable slip on’s
  • Slippers or slides to wear around house or apartment (Optional – I typically no longer carry these with me.  I buy them at the dollar store and leave them behind)


  • Glasses/Contacts/Sunglasses
  • Jewelry (Optional – Simple stuff.  My rule of thumb is don’t bring anything that needs to be insured.  And bringing none means opportunity to buy some new bling!)
  • Backpack
  • Daypack/Purse
  • Passport/Travel Documents/Credit cards/Currency


  • Travel Size items (Shampoo/Conditioner/Lotion/Moisturizer/Toothpaste)
  • Makeup (1 each of anything you use every day)
  • 1 Razor
  • 1 Deodorant
  • 1 Toothbrush
  • 1 Comb/Brush or whatever you use
  • 1 Bar soap (I bring because I’m allergic to perfumey stuff and need to make sure I’ve got at least 1 soap I can tolerate to start with)
  • Contact Lens Solution (I bring enough to last me)
  • Prescription Medication (enough to last you unless you’re positive that you can refill wherever you’re going)

1st Aid/Wellness

  • Bandaids
  • Tylenol
  • Ibuprofen
  • Halls Menthol cough drops
  • Anti-diarrhea tablets
  • Neosporin
  • Airborne
  • Your favorite cold/cough/flu over the counter remedy

Travel size of all of the above if possible with the exception of the prescription meds.  You need to bring enough prescription medication to last you until your return home unless you’re absolutely certain you will be able to fill your prescription wherever you are going.

Electronics & Work Stuff

  • Smartphone
  • Kindle or other E-Reader
  • Tablet (could double as E-Reader)
  • Laptop
  • Foreign plug adapters
  • All necessary cords, chargers, etc.
  • Extra set of batteries (Optional)
  • 1 spiral notebook (Optional)
  • Any critical work files I need (I strive to only have electronic files)

So, in reality the above list is longer than it needs to be.  As I mentioned above, I’ll be further paring this down for 2018.  Keep in mind that most of this stuff does not take up alot of room.

Notice some key words that show up more than once up above:

Travel Size


Active Wear

There is a reason I pack the type of clothes I pack.  Athletic active wear type stuff is generally made from Quick-Dry type materials.  Since we can almost always count on having a clothes washer but not always a clothes dryer….we have to dry our stuff like the locals.  By hanging our clothes out the window, over the balcony, or anywhere else that we can spread them to get them dry fast.  Yes, my unmentionables have hung from many balconies in Europe 🙂  And a little sun thrown into the mix is a huge bonus when it comes to drying your clothes.

In reality, when anyone asks me how to pack for an extended visit, I simply tell them to pack for a week and do the laundry.  If you’re staying through more than one season, or visiting different climate areas as I do, then you will need a few extra basics to get you past all those temperature changes.

There’s also the Wear One, Wash One theory.  That works and can make for the possibility of packing almost nothing, but I prefer not to be doing laundry every few days.  So I take a bit more.  I like to be able to make it through a week without doing laundry if at all possible.

My Travel Packing List For Women – What’s NOT On It

travel packing list for women

Dressy clothes!

Notice that there is nothing that remotely resembles dressy or fancy clothing on this particular travel packing list for women.  With the exception of less than a handful of times in 35 years that I was attending something formal or dressy in Europe, I’ve never needed dressy clothes and simply do not pack them.  Keep in mind however, that we do not go to fancy restaurants either.  If you plan to do that, they may have a dress code and you may need to include some dressier items for those occasions.

Hair dryer! 

Most places you stay will have a hair dryer.  If not, deal with it!  You can purchase one at the dollar store for not much $$.

Curling iron!

I don’t use one.  And if I did, I’d still skip it.  Ditto about the dollar store!

Also, notice all the “Optional” items on my list.  The optional items are things that I could easily purchase if I need them.  As I further shorten my packing list, I’m starting to make the decision to purchase some odds and ends along the way instead of carrying them with me.  Things that I never choose to put in the optional category are footgear, outerwear and electronics.  Almost everything else on my list could be considered very optional.  Of course it depends on where you’re going.  If you’re going to a remote destination where you cannot easily make purchases, then obviously that plan wouldn’t work for you.  I’ve been traveling to places where not only are the prices very reasonable, but there are lots of local markets and things like that where items of absolutely any sort can be easily purchased, so it makes sense in that case.

Hope this list helps you out if you’re packing for an extended visit!

Are you in trip planning mode?  Don’t miss any important details.  Use my trip planning checklist.


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2 thoughts on “Ideal Spain Travel Packing List For Women (Winter Edition)”

  1. Great list! I find that the most important thing if hiking and a lot of walking is on your to-do list is comfortable shoes. Not brand new ones, shoes that you know are comfortable. What do you usually wear flying over to Europe? I tend to wear the heavy shoes and jacket 🙂 leaving space in my luggage for other things.

    • Oh, the travel outfit!! That’s always a great question and something that I haven’t absolutely perfected just yet. But I’m getting better at it. On the flight over I definitely plan to dress in layers. While I might be warm on one flight, I might be freezing cold on another. So I always have something with me that I can easily put on or take off whenever I want to. And I always carry with me the items that I absolutely cannot live without if my luggage doesn’t arrive at the same time I do. This is usually the packable down coat or jacket for sure, and shoes that can work well once I get there.


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