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Well folks, travel…(even mine)…doesn’t always go smoothly.  But sometimes you need to chalk it up to being a priceless travel experience and leave it at that.

I promised to share the good, the bad, and the downright ridiculous on this blog, and here’s a point for the ridiculous column.

I recently had the awesome opportunity to sail on a Uniworld riverboat in Provence and Burgundy.  More on that later, but here’s the thing.  You know how sometime’s you’re just feeling like one of the “cool kids”?  Well, it’s great to be a cool kid, until you’re not.

The Good

Let me just say that the river cruise experience went way beyond just “good”.  It definitely exceeded our expectations and if you haven’t yet done a river cruise, I highly recommend it.  So very different from any type of ocean cruise voyage you may have experienced, so if you’ve done an ocean cruise and think this is the same, that’s actually very far from the truth.  That’s not to say that ocean cruising isn’t great also if you enjoy that!  It’s just different.

The Great

Honestly, this cruise was definitely a priceless travel experience and one that I would like to have many more times!  It was very cool, and you could do cool things like chat up the handsome captain when he was in his perch here on deck.  He was very cordial to anyone who came to hang out around there while he was doing his thing.  Sorry for the lousy image, but here he is, and chatting him up was what had just happened before I snapped this pic.

priceless travel experience

Who wouldn’t feel like a “cool kid” when you can hang around listening to the captain and being right there and able to watch the action.

Yes, I was feeling quite “smart” as I settled down on my deck chair to continue watching the action from a little farther away.

priceless travel experience

The Priceless Travel Experience

Unfortunately, a few moments later my deck chair collapsed, sending me sprawling to the deck and causing the entire male crew that was currently on deck (yes, including the previously mentioned captain) to come running over to see what had happened and check that I was alright.

The look on my face……

priceless travel experience

Seriously?  Just throw me overboard now 🙂

Clearly, I was no longer a “cool kid”!

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2 thoughts on “Priceless Travel Experience (and Slightly Ridiculous)”

  1. Ha ha that made me laugh, were you ok after the chair collapse :). Don’t we all try to be cool at times lol. Looks like you had a private cruise was that the case? The river cruise looks amazing, was that a day trip or did you spend a few days on the boat?

    • Yes! I was fine after the chair collapse. Only my pride was hurt:) It was an 8 Day Uniworld river cruise of Provence from Avignon to Lyon, like this. And a wonderful experience!


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