Seville, Spain – Still a Wonderful Place!

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Seville, Spain – January, 2020

We arrived in Spain yesterday.  Boy, the flight across the big pond never gets any easier, I’ll tell you that!

The first 2-4 days of our longer winter trips over to Europe are meant to allow us to get acclimated to the time change and settle in a bit.  Personally, I can’t deal with navigating an apartment check-in right from getting off the plane.  You never know what issues will come up when you first get to an apartment you’ve rented,  so I prefer to be in a hotel for a few days.  We always seem to fly into Madrid, so we used to just head to a hotel in Madrid for the first few days and hang out.  But, that got boring!  So we decided we had to see some new stuff each year.

In previous years we’ve visited Cordoba, Toledo, and Segovia for those first few days.  This year we were bound for a new one, Avila.  But alas, the weather was not cooperating and we didn’t feel like facing 3 days of cold, rain and maybe a flurry or two (just left that home in Wisconsin), so we made a last-minute change and made a run for Seville.

Yes, Seville.  Even though we spent a month in Seville last year.  Beautiful weather and a beautiful city were calling our name, so here we are in Seville for a few days.

Arrival Day

Nothing much was accomplished yesterday, the arrival day.  Nothing much except planes, trains and automobiles.  From the plane to the bus to the train to the cab….finally arrived in Seville around 2PM.  Luckily, I had my new favorite hotel, the H10 Casa de la Plata,  to check in to and it was time to relax and recoup.  Great little boutique style hotel with a comfy lobby where you can hang out and read, work, or whatever.

We did manage a nice long walk around in the evening which definitely helps with the jet lag.

Oh, and some vino and tapas for dinner.  We managed that.  This is a place we enjoyed last year.  Food was just as delicious 1 year later.  And, one reason we love Spain?  Our bill…21 Euros.  That’s it.  And another reason?  Sitting outside for dinner in January.

The Day After

Today, the day after arrival day, was leisurely.  A good thing because I always forget that I feel like I have brain fog the day after arrival.  And this time was no exception.  But because we’ve been here for an extended stay before, we didn’t feel like we had to knock ourselves out to see new things.

So as of this writing, I’m enjoying my cozy lobby bar with a nice pot of tea getting some work done.

That’s it for now.

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