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Malaga Vacation Apartment Check-In

It’s not always a given that you will survive the vacation apartment check-in!  Well, you will survive, but it may not always be completely painless.

What exactly do I mean by that?

Sometimes things can go wrong.  Sometimes you need to sort out some issues that aren’t quite right when you arrive.  This is one reason why I don’t ever plan to check in to a long term vacation apartment right after getting off a transatlantic flight.  There are too many things that you need to pay attention to when you first get to the apartment and if you’re not paying attention it’s possible you will have a problem later.  And coming off of an international flight for me equals brain fog!

What Could Go Wrong?

Here are some examples of what could go wrong.  More than a few of these have happened to us over the years, so these are real examples.

  • You can’t find the apartment.
  • There is no one to meet you when you arrive.
  • The apartment is in a bad area.
  • The apartment does not appear as it did in photos.
  • Heat/Air Conditioning doesn’t work.
  • Wifi doesn’t work.
  • Kitchen appliances don’t work.
  • Showers/toilets don’t work.
  • Lights don’t work, bulbs burnt out, etc.
  • Complete language barrier between you and the host/landlord.
  • Your host/property management company cancels YOU before arrival

This is really just a preliminary list.  More stuff could go wrong.  As you get more experienced in finding vacation apartments to rent for long term stays you will begin to learn where and from what type of company or individual you should be renting from in order to avoid problems like this upon arrival.

You’re probably wondering by now why we even bother with this when so many things can potentially go wrong?

Trust me, it’s worth it!  It’s all about packing a little more “life” into your lifestyle!

My Check-In Experience

I arrived in Malaga 2 days ago for a 4-week stay.  I’m pleased to report that my arrival and check-in went extremely smoothly.  This was very welcome, indeed, because, did you notice that last item up above under “What Could Go Wrong”?  That actually happened to us on this very trip.  1 week before our departure from the U.S. and our arrival to a 4 week rental in Malaga, the company we had rented an apartment through backed out on the rental agreement and said they could not rent to us.  This, despite the fact that we had a confirmed and guaranteed reservation.  The reason they gave is not important to this post.  The point is, this can happen and this is not the first time it’s happened to us!

The moral of that story is – you need to be flexible!

So, the vacation apartment we are staying in now is actually a replacement apartment which we were fortunate to find at the last minute.  And our replacement apartment check-in was very smooth.

Here are some pics of the main living area and kitchen.  This is a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment which has been completely remodeled and refitted with new everything.  Very modern (just what I like) and such an adorable little kitchen with everything that we need for a short stay here in Malaga.  And super important to me – really nice, modern bathrooms!

Vacation Rental Malaga

Vacation Rental Malaga

Vacation Rental Malaga

This apartment was rented on Airbnb and this is the actual listing.

Lately, over the last few years, we have been using rental agencies in various cities when renting apartments.  This is because we had a few problems with Airbnb rentals before that and honestly, I like the idea of having a rental agency office to go to in the city I’m staying in if I have a problem.  But I have to say, Airbnb completely bailed us out this time.  The apartment that canceled US, was booked via a rental agency.  Airbnb certainly came to the rescue at the last minute and had an apartment for us.

We had a lot of choices in terms of apartments in Malaga.  See how many listings there are on Airbnb?


But the location and amenities of the one we ultimately chose suited us the best and it didn’t disappoint.

It is now 2 days since we checked in and we are pretty well settled into our space here.

We’ve successfully navigated the first few days here, including the first laundry day, grocery shop and first home (apartment) cooked dinner!

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