Cite de Carcassonne Castle, France – Is It Worth It?

Medieval Carcassonne

The Cite de Carcassonne castle in the Languedoc region of France has for a long time been on my travel bucket list.

Some say it’s incredibly spectacular, while others say it’s a tourist trap.  What to believe?

Well, I had the opportunity to cross it off my personal travel bucket list last year and to make my own decision on whether or not it’s worth a visit.

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The Case of the Missing Clothes

The Case of the Missing Clothes

This post is definitely for my female friends, as the male ones just don’t “get it”.

As you may know if you’ve been hanging around my blog for any length of time, we now spend about 3 months in Europe during the winter months.  We started this about 4 years ago, after spending 30+ years traveling around Europe for short 1-2 week trips as often as vacation time and money allowed.

Now, before I tell you about “the Case of the Missing Clothes”, it’s essential that I share what my normal winter packing list is for Europe.

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Priceless Travel Experience (and Slightly Ridiculous)

priceless travel experience

Well folks, travel…(even mine)…doesn’t always go smoothly.  But sometimes you need to chalk it up to being a priceless travel experience and leave it at that.

I promised to share the good, the bad, and the downright ridiculous on this blog, and here’s a point for the ridiculous column.

I recently had the awesome opportunity to sail on a Uniworld riverboat in Provence and Burgundy.  More on that later, but here’s the thing.  You know how sometime’s you’re just feeling like one of the “cool kids”?  Well, it’s great to be a cool kid, until you’re not.

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