November 9, 2017



Welcome to Still en route

Just because you get older doesn’t mean you should stop exploring the world.  In fact, the baby boomer generation probably has more time, more money and more opportunity to travel than any other generation.  And they probably love to travel more than other generations as well.  After all, baby boomers did things like gap years.  And spent summers backpacking around Europe.  Great ideas for sure….but why stop when you get a little older?

I’m fortunate enough to run a location independent business that allows me to work from anywhere.  So, a number of years ago my husband and I started doing the “snowbird” thing.  We left our home during the cold winter period for a warmer climate.  Being small business owners in the travel industry for 35+ years gave us the confidence needed to actually “snowbird” outside of the U.S. which is where we reside.  The first time we left for a long term stay, eyebrows were raised among our family, friends & clients.  Then came the questions and the interest in what we doing.

Our first few long stays were simple south of the border visits to Mexico where we could get some great weather.  That was great for the first year or two, but I quickly realized that sitting at the beach or pool being a lounge lizard was beginning to bore me.  Since then we’ve expanded our horizons and trip length and are thoroughly immersing ourselves in some wonderful cultures.

I started Still en route as a great travel resource for people of any age but most especially for my fellow baby boomers.   My favorite travel quote says it all.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” ~Saint Augustine

I can’t imagine staying put in one place during the “golden years”.  So I’m still en route, or “on the way”.  And I want to inspire you to get on the way too if you’re interested in traveling.  Because age is no barrier…it’s just an excuse!  What will you find here?  Travel tips, helpful guides based on my own personal experiences, first hand information on great destinations, how-to’s, long term travel cost info,  and much more including inspiration for you to travel and experience all that the world has to offer.  And when I’m on the road you can join me in real time as I share my travel experiences with you as they happen.  In short, you’ll find travel, inspiration & humor from a slightly geeky baby boomer.

This is kind of the short story.  You can learn a bit more about my story here.

So feel free to look around here and don’t forget to subscribe to get my updates so you can join me on my journey.

Happy travels!


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