Hello, and welcome to Still en route, where midlife meets adventure!

I’m Mary, and I’m glad you’re here!

If you’ve read my welcome post, then you already have an idea of why I started this blog and what Still en route is all about.  But just in case, here’s my story.

So who am I?

Well here’s a snapshot….

  • Self-Employed Entrepreneur – I’ve been self employed for almost my entire adult life.  That’s 35 years of owning my own business in the travel industry.
  • Baby Boomer – Yes, I’m a baby boomer!
  • Traveler – Well, I love to travel.  And having spent a lifetime working inside the travel industry has only fueled my desire for more and more travel.
  • Blogger & Geek – I’m a blogger here at Still en route as well as at Affiliate Marketing DIY where I blog about affiliate marketing, online business and blogging.  2 blogs and all that goes with it….I’m afraid this places me firmly in the “slightly geeky” category!

So technically this makes me an entrepreneurial baby boomer and geeky travel agent who loves to blog and was determined to find a way to work from anywhere with internet service because I cannot and will not stop traveling!  Whew!  That’s a mouthful 🙂

But here’s the thing.  When I started my travel business way back in 1984, there was no internet.  Let me repeat that.  There was no internet.  At least not in any recognizable form that was used by any businesses back then.  So we did business the old fashioned way.  On the phone and in person.  That meant having an office somewhere with a telephone that was hard wired to something.  In other words, if I wanted to do business, I had to be in the office.  End of story.

My Inspiration

That worked out fine, except when I wanted to travel.  Oops, not good.  If I wasn’t in my office, I couldn’t transact any business.  So when the technology started to move forward, it became my mission to find a way to become more location independent.  Imagine my surprise when this thing called the internet transformed not only my business but that of every supplier in my industry.  I suddenly became “free”!  Free to work from anywhere.  Obviously, this transformation happened over a number of years.  But while it was happening it really fueled a desire within me to take advantage of that “freedom” and experience things that you can’t experience on just a 1 week vacation.

Are You Ready For Some New Experiences?

As I became older, I realized that alot of people in my generation (baby boomers), and certainly others as well, never really make an effort to experience other places and things beyond the few weeks of vacation they get every year.  For some it’s just a lack of interest, but for others it’s a sense of fear, or uncertainty, or simply an attitude of “That sounds great but I would never be able to do that”.  But just because you get older doesn’t mean you should stop exploring the world.  And if you haven’t started yet, there’s no better time to do it.

For me personally, I can’t imagine not seeing the world that’s out there.  Staying put in one place during the “golden years” has no appeal for me.  So I’m Still en route, or “on the way”.

Still en route, Rhone River, France

Here I am recently with my better half, in the middle of a vineyard high above the Rhone River in France.

My goal here at Still en route is simple and it’s really the same mission I have over at sideincomesmoothie.com only on a different subject.

My goal here is to Educate, Encourage & Teach.

  • Educate people that they can fit more travel, adventure and life into their lifestyle, regardless of age.
  • Encourage them to go for it.
  • Teach them how simple it can be once they have the proper “can do” mindset.  After all, age is no barrier, it’s just an excuse!

So what exactly will you find here at Still en route?

Let’s start instead with what you won’t find.

What You Won’t Find

First, I don’t travel 100% of the time like some travel bloggers.  So you won’t see “365 days a year on the road” coming from this blog.

Next, I’m not 29 any longer!  I know…it’s shocking, isn’t it!  There are some great travel bloggers out there who I respect and get inspiration from, but many of them are youngsters LOL!  That’s not me, folks.  Which is one reason I started Still en route.  Because there are already so many great younger bloggers out there with awesome travel blogs, I wanted to help out my fellow baby boomers with information that will inspire them too.

Finally, probably because I’m not 29 any longer…..I don’t do hostels, and I try not to schlep my luggage on the subway.  In other words, I don’t talk about just budget travel.

What You Will Find

Here’s where midlife meets adventure!

My Journey – First of all, you’ll learn some things about my own journey in being “still en route”.  I’ve come a long way since the days when I had to occupy a desk in a cubicle in order to do business and make any money.  I now spend multiple months every year traveling the world and figuring out how to make that fit in with the real life challenges we all have.

Resources & Recommendations  – on everything travel related.  This includes absolutely all my faves….from my favorite online booking resources to my favorite travel clothes, shoes and accessories for us older travelers!  While my blog is somewhat new, I’ve been collecting information, learning and experiencing travel in my business for 35 years, so I’ve got a ton of stuff to share with you.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for yet…please be patient!  You’ll see it here soon.

Inspiration & Humor – for anyone who needs it.

Budget Travel Tips – while I mentioned above that I don’t just talk about budget travel, I didn’t say that I never talk about it.  I definitely have a budget when I’m en route, and this is a big part of what I’ll be sharing with you on this blog.

Luxury Travel  – While having a budget is important, I believe that doing something nice for yourself is important too.  So that brings me to the subject of luxury.  If you can’t do luxury all the time, then the next best plan is to be somewhat frugal while still enjoying yourself and the experience you’re having, and then splurging on something luxurious every once in a while.  How luxurious and how often will certainly differ for each person…but you get the idea!  You’ll see lots of info about a variety of really nice things you can do for yourself in terms of travel, and no, they won’t necessarily fit into the “budget” category.

How-To’s – for those that need some help in figuring stuff out.  When I started this journey, I didn’t do everything right.  I definitely made mistakes along the way and now I hope that my tips will help others to avoid the mistakes that we made along the way.

Special Services – for those who don’t feel like figuring anything out and just want me to do it for them LOL!  If this is you…don’t worry.  I’m offering some special trip planning services that you can take advantage of if you just want it done for you.

Join Me – And finally, a chance to join me on my journey.  When I’m on the road I will share my day by day adventures so that you can look over my shoulder and get a feel for what’s going on.  No, this won’t be just article after article about wonderful destinations.  While that may be part of it, you’ll see the real life situation.  The glamorous, the not so glamorous and the downright hilarious & ridiculous too.  Get it?  Because it’s all part of putting more “life” into your lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

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