December 13, 2017

The Case of the Missing Clothes

the case of the missing clothes

This post is definitely for my female friends, as the male ones just don’t “get it”. As you may know if you’ve been hanging around my blog for any length of time, we now spend about 3 months in Europe during the winter months.  We started this about 4 years ago, after spending 30+ years […]

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December 1, 2017

1 Place You Should Visit In California Gold Country

1 place you should visit in California Gold Country

If you’re not familiar with the state, or with what’s referred to as California Gold Country, you may have no idea where it’s located.  I didn’t either, until one of our kids announced that they were moving there. California Gold Country is sort of bumped up along the Western side of the Sierra Nevada Range […]

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November 23, 2017

Beyond the Turkey – A Day For Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving from

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America, and one of the most common traditions here today is the one of feasting on turkey and all the fixings. Although I”m actually in America today, I’ve spent many, many Thanksgivings away from home in another country.  While Thanksgiving is not a holiday in any of the places I’ve […]

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Budget Travel Destinations – 18 Places You Can Ditch the Hostel & Still Save Big

Budget Travel Destinations - 18 Places You can ditch the hostel and still save big

I’ve mentioned more than once around here that I don’t do hostels and I don’t schlep my luggage on the subway 🙂  But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in budget travel destinations!  In fact, I actually thrive on finding places that could actually be considered budget travel destinations.  I simply “ditch” the hostel and […]

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November 11, 2017

My Travel Bucket List

My never-ending travel bucket list

This is the first time I’ve actually written down my travel bucket list.  And once I started compiling it, I realized that it’s never ending.  I may cross things off, but for every one I accomplish and cross off I seem to add at least 2 more on to the list!  So needless to say, […]

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